Financial Services for Organizations, Foundations, Associations, & Non-Profits

We take a simple approach to institutional services: Avoid big bets and high-risk strategies while helping clients realize their short-term and long-term financial goals. Our Institutional Investment Process serves nonprofits, religious organizations and charities, professional trade associations, corporations, foundations and endowments, community groups, service organizations, schools, universities and trust accounts.

RGA Investments works with organizations of all sizes. Rick Gardner, our Raleigh, N.C., investment advisor, provides the expertise you need to manage your assets, whether your goal is to produce additional current income or to grow your assets for future use.

As your investment firm, we offer comprehensive financial services — investment advice, full financial plan implementation and ongoing, continuous management.

RGA Investments is committed to:

Fiduciary responsibility: Your board members and executive staff are entrusted with the management and stewardship of the organization’s reputation and finances. We help ensure that your investments are in accordance with your organization’s investment objectives and liquidity needs.

Mission sustainability: Most nonprofits seek a strategy that will ensure the continuation of their mission in perpetuity. We share your dedication to serving the many stakeholders surrounding your organization — be they volunteers, employees, donors, members, customers or beneficiaries of your services.

Performance consistency: This is comprised of two parts: service and investment performance. Both are equally important to your daily and long-term success. We pride ourselves on strong relationships and consistency, understanding the interconnectivity of budgeting, operations, and portfolio performance.

At RGA Investments, everything we do is designed to help you achieve the goals of your organization.

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