Children’s Flight of Hope Recognized For Excellence in Transportation

Last week, I was honored to attend a banquet with Children’s Flight of Hope where the Raleigh Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities recognized the organization for Excellence in Transportation. This award recognizes organizations that contribute significantly to the quality of life of people with disabilities through creating expanded access to transportation in Raleigh – and I can think of no organization that does this more consistently than Children’s Flight of Hope.

Children’s Flight of Hope provides air transportation for children to access specialized medical care. These children have physical and/or developmental disabilities that are caused by a variety of medical diagnoses and need medical care that is not provided in their home area, but their families do not have the financial resources to travel to the necessary care. So far in 2017, CFOH has provided more than 600 flights to 183 children worldwide.

The Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities helps people with disabilities participate in the economic and social life of the community.