An air transportation service that flies for good

How far would you travel to heal a sick child?

If you’re a parent, the answer is a no-brainer.

As a parent of 3 children of my own, there’s nothing that would stop me from trying to see my child healthy again. But the truth is, a child’s road to recovery isn’t always simple. For some families, a child’s illness is so specialized that parents are limited in how much they can actually help. That’s where Children’s Flight of Hope (CFOH) steps in.

For more than 25 years, CFOH has been flying children commercially, privately and internationally, to find the right medical care for those that need it most. But CFOH is more than just an air taxi service, and that’s why I’m honored to serve as the organization’s board chairman.

Each child that flies with CFOH becomes a CFOH child for life, and that’s because we care deeply about their path to wellness. Providing transportation is great, but offering hope to families in the midst of the most difficult season of life, is what it’s really all about.

How can you get involved?

It’s easier than you think. While CFOH flies children internationally for specialized medical care, the organization itself is based here in the Triangle, making it easier for you to get plugged in and support the cause.

If you are looking to help, start by donating a backpack care package. Before each flight, kids receive a backpack filled with travel essentials to ease their flying stresses. The backpack includes a blanket, coloring books, an aviation teddy bear and details on travel expectations. The money donated to CFOH goes directly to the backpack care packages and the air transportation itself. You’d be surprised how quickly small donations add up to make a real difference:

  • $20 – Covers the cost of an aviation bear.
  • $25 – Underwrites a small, fleece blanket for travel.
  • $75 – Fully-stocks a backpack care package.
  • $100 – Trains a flight liaison for children who require private travel.
  • $500 – Covers the cost of an average commercial mission for a child and their companion.
  • $5,000 – Covers CFOH’s cost for private travel missions.

Remember, the backpacks aren’t your only option. Fortunately, the Triangle community has embraced CFOH and its mission, by supporting multiple events throughout the year to help give back to children in need. Over the next few months, you’ll have the chance to join us at either of the events below. We’d be happy to see you there.

Let’s do more

When I joined the board in 2012 we flew 69 missions, mainly up and down the East Coast of the US. Yet, in just a few short years, with the help of some outstanding people, CFOH finished out 2016 with 510 flights serving children around the world.

With your help, we can do more. Let’s see how many children we can support, and what more can be accomplished in 2017.




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